Research Outline – Homosexuality

At the beginning I wanted to explore the inside world of homosexuality. I want to do a film on how gay people manage to survive in this 20’s century where there are still full of rejections and discriminations from the world that we are all living in. But as I have explored more and looked through more articles, I have decided to change my direction.


I want to do a film that is about honesty and identity. It is important for everyone to be honest towards himself or herself, if they don’t accept whom they are who will want to try to accept and understand them. I want to make the film that I am planning to make is because I want to let my audience to try and know the true side of the homosexuality people; how they accept who they are? How they do it? And how they able to carry such pressures and weight that the society can never understand. In this project, I will able to learn how to accept the good and bad side of myself. In the society, we will have so many rejections and pressures, for homosexuality people they have to carry the weight that we already had. Also they have to accept the eyes of how the societies are looking at them as well.


Before I was concentrating on gay people in UK but now I have decided to open my research on both gay and lesbian people from different culture and from different age group as well. I want to know the changes from the 90’s to now 2014.




  • Process and material expression

Perception, our relationship to the world, memory, cultural and art history

  • Mapping space

Structure and relationship



Relationships, Survive, Equality, Honesty and Identity




Homosexuality- 3 to 4 pairs with different cultures

Location- Gay bar, Café, Place they go all the times

Museum- V&A Museum: Graphics by Gran Fury/ Avram Finkelstein

Lady Clementina Hawarden 1860’s museum no. Ph 361-1947

Museum of London: History resources- Drawing the Games: London 2012


Research Outline- Culture differentiation

My research project is about Culture Differentiation. This is a major problem that is currently happening between Hong Kong and China. Different countries or cities have their own rules, traditions and habits. When we visit a country or a town, we should respect and follow the rules and traditions of the place. When foreigners deny to follow the culture that they are in, should local people be understand and help them?

I want to do a film that can let my audience to reconsider whether what they are doing is right or wrong. I hope they can truly understand the meaning of respect and consideration. The keywords for my research project are Respect, Considerations, Honesty and identity. Respect and consideration will not work probably if only one side of the team is working on it. Honesty and identity are things that linking with the two keywords from above. If we don’t honest with ourselves and admit that we have done something wrong, how can we respect and consider other people? If we forgot our identity and the reputation of our city, how can we tell others that they are wrong and help them to correct them? In this project, I want to learn and understand more what is the true meaning on respect and consideration.


Before I was only focusing on the opinions from China and Hong Kong students. But after a small amount of experiment I think is worth to include other opinions from different cultures as well. At the end everyone should have to responsibility to respect and be considerate to other people.




Process of material expression

Relationship to the world and cultural history


Mapping Space

Relationship, landscape and memory





Respect, Considerations, honesty and identity




Students and adults from different culture background. Age should be 18-25. I need about 8-10 for the interviews


Locations: Universities, Café, Classroom and home