EXPERIMENT 2 (Reality, fiction, cuts, transitions, flashbacks)

Through the flashback live action experiment I made, I tried to use the same technique used in the film to generate a change of mood, a way to blend both memory and present together but keeping them separate in terms of emotion. The experiment was really useful as I am mixing both narrative and fictional styles in my documentary film and its closely related to metamorphosis, transitions and human manipulation too.


EXPERIMENT 1 (Metamorphosis, visual codes, Imagery)

Finally, the experiment I made it’s just a quick test to try to emulate my case study film style but obviously with my own imagery, ideas and basing all the visuals on a segment of the interview recording I’m working on for my group documentary film. After analysing the different ideas used in I met the Walrus, the trial worked out as a possible solution on how metamorphism operates as a timing and transition agent between ideas and the relationship form- content.