1.question: Is modern American style filmmaking manipulating our emotions through pleasurable dramas, fabricated heroes and compassion towards victims?

2. Stereotypes, Hollywood, European films , emotions, poetic documentary

3. Relationship between subject matter and cinematic/animated form.

4. Approach to investigate .

– inspiration: how real is the reality in Documentary film.? By Jill godmillow
– investigate about American film making and European filmmaking styles .
-read about emotions in general.
-read the main views and opinions of experts in terms of emotions ) either positive or negative (show books).

4.1)”Moving viewers”, American film and the spectator’s experience.

He describes the sensual nature of the movies and shows how film emotions are often elicited for rhetorical purposes. He uses cognitive science and philosophical aesthetics to demonstrate why cinema may deliver a similar emotional charge for diverse audiences.

4.2) Passionate views: film, cognition, and emotion. Carl Plantinga, Greg Smith

In Passionate Views, thirteen internationally recognized scholars of film studies, philosophy, and psychology explore the emotional appeal of the cinema. Employing a novel cognitive perspective, the volume investigates the relationship between genre and emotion; explores how film narrative, music, and cinematic techniques such as the close-up are used to elicit emotion; and examines the spectator’s identification with and response to film characters.

-watch films suggested by authors , also Bunnuel’s .
– build a parallel between the two styles in terms of audience response and emotions
– mention relationship to my film, does it follow any of these styles. No victim, compassion….etc.


6)Our own filmmaking process


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